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What are the epithets about Circe in Book 10?

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An epithet is a descriptive phrase or term applied to a person. The intent is to define that person according to their most obvious or recognizable attributes. In Ancient Greek texts, many of the epithets we see are phrases and terms that would have been widely used to refer to one particular figure or place, and we find these in multiple texts. One common one is "grey-eyed Athena," which is used so often that it is evident to us that Athena's grey eyes defined her in the minds of the ancient Greeks. The element drawn out by the epithet can also give us some indication of how a person was thought of: grey eyes suggest a piercing look and a shrewd, observant personality.

In book 10 of The Odyssey , then, we see Circe accorded the epithet "Circe of the...

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