Siddhartha Questions and Answers
by Hermann Hesse

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What epithet is used to describe Govinda? What does this say about the character? Why are the rumors about Gotama attractive to Siddhartha? Describe the exchange between Siddhartha and the old Samana before Siddhartha departs.  What does this say about the character of Siddhartha? What kind of salvation is the Buddha offering his followers through his teaching? Why does Siddhartha question the idea of salvation as part of Buddha's lesson Why does Siddhartha say, "The Buddha has robbed me, but he has bestowed even more on me?" please help me!!:(

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At the end of the novel, Govinda is still "the seeker."  He has not yet found Nirvana, but he realizes that Siddhartha has.  The entire novel is about seeking peace within is a learning process.  This is why the rumors about Gotama are attractive to Siddhartha, because at the time he heard them, he had not yet found peace.  Peace is not in any one of the teachers' lessons that Siddhartha had...he had to find it within himself through experience. 

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