Discuss significant epic conventions that are found in the Iliad.

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Homer's poem The Iliad is a classic example of an epic poem because it adheres to the traditional epic form in so many ways. For instance, the story takes place over a wide area. Specifically, The Iliad takes place during the Trojan War and so follows people over vast distances and through varying environments as they travel to and from battles. The Gods are also involved, and they are specifically invested in the outcome of events in the story. Zeus himself makes an appearance in The Iliad, as do Aphrodite, Athene, and others. The Iliad also starts in the middle, which functions to drop readers into the action directly and leaves explaining the setup for later. These are some of the most prominent epic conventions that can be found in the poem.

The Iliad is an example of what is known as "oral-formulaic epic." Rather than originally having been composed in written form by a single individual, it is an accumulation of traditional materials concerning the Trojan War, perhaps shaped by a single...

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