What are the environmental problems related to the combustion of fossil fuel such as coal and natural gas?

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Burning of fossil fuel releases carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, sulfur dioxide (SO2), sulfur trioxide(SO3), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrous dioxide (NO2). These gases are Responsible for environmental problems like acid rain and global warming. 

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases excess of Co2 leads to global warming, the increase in earth's average temperature is called global warming. Acid rain is because of diposition of sulfuric and nitric acid with rain. Acid rain, air pollution, water pollution, damage to land surface are all effects of burned fossil fuel gases.

For example people living around coal mines, power plants often suffer from cancer, heart disease because of excess inhaling of fossil fuel gases.

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The combustion of fossil fuels include carbon dioxide gas and water vapor as the main products. They also include sulfur dioxide (SO2), sulfur trioxide (SO3), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrous dioxide (NO2). The sulfur impurities are caused by combustion of the impurity hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, or other sulfur compounds in the original fossil fuel.

Carbon dioxide is one of the major gas of green house which cause global warming and it increase the temperature of earth surface, melting of glaciers, acid rain, and it also cause pollution.

Effect on Human: Burning of coal cause many respiratory disease, cancer.