What is environment? What do you understand by environment?Answers wanted in an explanatory notes in regards to the present environment in India.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are really talking about social sciences (since you put your question in this group), then the term "environment" refers to the surroundings in which a person grows up and lives their life.  The term "environment" is used in contrast to the term "nature."

In social sciences, there is a debate between the relative amounts of influence of these two factors.  It is sometimes called the "nature versus nurture debate."  In other words, social scientists seek to understand if people are born with various traits (such as intelligence) or if those traits are conditioned by their environment (by how well off their family is, how much TV they watch as kids, how their parents treat them, etc).

So, in social science terms, environment refers to this set of influences on human beings.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Environment refers to all of the things,conditions and influences that surround or affect a particular place, person, group, organization, system, or the like. Thus we speak of many different kind of environment. We may speak of the home environment of a person during childhood affecting the psychological development of the person. We can speak of physical environment of a house affecting its property prises. We speak of the environmental forces that influence the performance of an industry or a business. We may classify environment in different types of influences of factors such as physical, economical, demographic, technological and political.

Talking about environment in India, we could talk about it with reference to many different things like ecology, industry, culture, or politics. Description of the environment of any one of these aspects will be too lengthy to be included on this forum.

picturesque | Student

A human being has many environments. I think from childhood to old age there are many environments around a person and at every stage of life a person views  things around him/her differently.