What can be entailed in a sociological study of work?  

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This can be a great project. However, you will need to limit your study and have something to test. Let me give you some examples.

You might want to study why some people find work meaningful and others not meaningful at all. What are the causes and reason? This can be a wonderful sociological study on work.

Here is another suggestion. You might want to study the differences between manual labor and mental labor. Which is more stressful? Which one is more gratifying? Why?

Here is another suggestion. You might want to do a cross cultural study, where you compare the hours that people work in America verses Europe. Does the longer hours that Americans work actually improve productivity?

The point that you need to work on is to narrow down the study of work in sociological categories. I will add one link on the study of sociology to give you an example what sociologist do.


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