What is the enlightenment spreads?

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The “Enlightenment Spreads” is a somewhat tautological phrase that refers, quite simply, to the geographical, cultural and social spread of the Enlightenment ideas from its origins in Western Europe to much of Europe and, eventually, to the British colonies in North America.  Those ideas, as developed originally by John Locke, Voltaire, Rene Descartes, and others, were grounded in the concepts of individualism and reason, both threats to the political status quo that prevailed across the continent.  The schism that had developed in the Catholic Church courtesy of Martin Luther’s rejection of the moral corruption that had permeated Church practices was, in a sense, the ultimate manifestation of the rejection of ideas based solely on faith in deference to those grounded in scientific research and independent thought.  The Enlightenment posed a serious challenge to the Catholic Church’s hierarchical structure, but efforts at limiting the flow of ideas across borders and frontiers and among social classes was increasingly difficult.  The more well-to-do frequently met in what were called “salons,” informal gatherings where individuals freely discussed and debated ideas and concepts.  Salons became important and prevalent social gatherings that helped the ideas of Enlightenment spread among populations.  In addition to the role of salons in the Enlightenment Spreads, the publication and dissemination of pamphlets was also important to the movement of ideas among peoples.  Gutenberg’s printing press had already revolutionized the way in which information was disseminated; its continued development provided proponents of democratic processes a vital tool in educating the public and sharing ideas and information. 

jose33 | Student

the spread of the age of the reasoning(1600's) in the 17.c  was the impact of the following,

1.the rise of historians and philosopher like Voltaire with his book known as The age of Louis xiv who came to became the book writer in Europe due to the political revolution for example English revolution of 1648's i-1688's and  french revolution of 1789's up to 1795's which created the group of historians who came up with their ideas toward the social,political and economical.

2.awareness among the people for accepting and reading the written work,from this point we look to the side of the readers who reading the books and make change to their society.not only read the book but also to apply them.for example Che Guevara to accept socialism is due to the habit of reading the Karl max and Fredrick Angle.from that we can say Che Guevara is the product of written books,thus in order people to make judgment must read the books so as to make change to their society

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