What is a possible enhancement in biodiversity that would be a conservative and sustainable strategy that can secure the well-being of microorganisms and genes within all species?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A biodiversity enhancement that is conservative and sustainable that can benefit all genres in all species is the twin enhancement of reforestation and afforestation.

Reforestation is conservative in that the forest ecosystem is conserved to an approximation of its previous condition by planting species appropriate tree seedlings and saplings where they were lost to fire or forest harvesting.

Afforestation is planting trees on marginal agricultural land or on fertile land open to afforestation. Afforestation creates new forests. Afforestation, along with reforestation, is sustainable because as mature trees are harvested seedlings will be planted to replace the harvest. Thereafter, forest, wood and paper products consumers buy will have emerged from well managed and sustained forests.

The biodiversity enhancements of reforestation and afforestation help all microorganisms and genres within all species for many reasons, the first being the twin contributions forests make by adding oxygen to clean, breathable air supply and by cleansing carbon dioxide out from the air supply; this affects all genres and species.

Further contributions are provide by the range of ecosystems within a forested area that may shelter, among many others, varying fauna, ponds, avians, mammals and amphibians and that contribute to the nitrogen and carbon cycles and to soil building through the action of local detritus feeders. In a more indirect manner, this contribution too affects all genres and species.