What is the energy of a quantum of light having a frequency of 6.0 x 10^14 hertz in electron-volts (eV)?

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The energy of a quantum of light or a photon is given by the formula E = h*nu = h*c/lambda, where nu is the frequency of the light, lambda is the wavelength, c is the speed of light and h is the Planck's constant equal to 4.135*10^-15 eV * s

In the problem we are given the frequency of the radiation as 6*10^14 hertz.

The energy is E = 6*10^14*4.135*10^-15 = 24.81 eV.

As you may observe from the formula for energy, an increase in frequency or a decrease in wavelength increases the energy of the photon. This is the reason why radiation with a high frequency like ultra-violet light has a lot of energy that makes them injurious to our health.

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