What ends up being more important for Santiago, the journey or the destination?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The journey ends up being more important to Santiago.  When the story begins, he has a goal and a destination in mind.  He wants to search and find a treasure that is buried in Egypt somewhere.  His journey is riddled with harrowing and life threatening events.  He learns that he can control the wind.  He meets a world full of interesting people . . . some helpful, some harmful.  He is given the opportunity to give up or continue multiple times.  Each time Santiago decides to continue despite knowing the journey will not be easier.  Then in a great twist, Santiago is told that the treasure that he seeks was in his home country of Spain all along.  He finds the treasure, which is a great monetary reward, but he realizes that the true treasure was in the pursuit of his own Personal Legend.  

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