What is the ending of the book I want to know?

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The book "Night" is a valid testimony to the atrocities of the Holocaust.  At the end of the book Wiesel talks about the evacuation of the concentration camp.  The prisoners were forced to walk long distances.  His father began to become weak and Wiesel mentally struggled with the desire for his father to die so that he would not have to worry and care for him any longer.  Once they reached their destination his father was ridden with a high fever and diarrhea.  Men in the other bunks were hurting him because they were angry that he smelled.  The Nazis came in and hit his father over the head.  His father calls his name but Elie did not go to him.  He loved his father. His father was taken out during the night and he never saw him again.

At the very end Elie was rescued when the allies invaded the camps.  He was taken to a camp where they were fed.  Their first thoughts were not of their families or friends.  They were of getting something to eat.  When Elie saw his face in a mirror, he saw a corpse looking back at him.

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