What employee issues might arise from abusing drugs?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Drug use in a workplace can lead to a large number of employee problems for the firm.  Drug use can lead to many problems caused by impairment or lack of attention on the part of the employee.  These problems can lead to greatly reduced productivity for the firm.

When workers are abusing drugs, they might not even show up for work.  This, of course, reduces a firm’s profitability as it has to deal with unexpected absences.  Sometimes, workers will claim that they are out sick.  This means that more sick leave will be used and the firm’s costs will rise.

When workers do come to work, their drug use can be very bad for the company.  It can make them inattentive.  It can reduce their ability to concentrate.  It can harm their judgment.  It can reduce their dexterity.  All of these things can lead to reduced productivity as workers are simply unable to do their work as well as they usually do.  These things can also lead to accidents in the workplace which can, in turn, lead to increased costs for workers’ compensation.

In all of these ways drug use can lead to employee problems that reduce productivity and profitability.