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when the author says it was a very bad smell for a long time in her house, it has suspense that some thing with bad smell is in her house, and with the explenation of a man that she thinks would marry her and suddenly disappeared it just can be the corpse of that man. 

mkcapen1 | Student

In the story "A Rose for Emily," Miss Emily is a southern belle antiqued by time and separated from the world by her own pride.  She had been the pride of her father who believed no man would have ever been good enough for her to marry.

After the death of her father she is left alone and without funds.  She teaches porcelain painting to bring in some money, but continues to hold her head high as if undaunted by her circumstances.

Emily falls for a man who comes to town.   The town anticipates that he will marry her. He disappears and is believed to have left town.

After Miss Emily dies the townspeople go to see her home.  She had not allowed anyone in it for years.  Inside they find the corpse of a man with an iron gray hair on the pillow beside it.  Miss Emily hid her lover whom the story implies that she killed so he would not leave her.

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