What are the emerging sectors of the Indian economy?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With the current economic crisis all over the world and with financial markets enduring some level of contraction, I think that an emerging sector of the Indian economy is internal.  There is a growing class of individuals in India, both middle class and rural sectors, that is generating money and is not afraid to spend it.  Automobile purchases are on the rise in India and at the same time, the investment in trying to bring all of India along for the ride of economic prosperity might be a sector in which investment could make sense.  For example, investing in broadband connection through all of the villages could be quite lucrative, an investment that can enable the poorer classes to upwardly move and could minimize the wealth disparity in India.  Emerging sectors would have to be domestic on this end because of the external contraction in markets as well as the need to create more individuals as pat of the middle class.

william1941 | Student

As the Indian economy is growing fast, people are becoming richer. Though the average per capita income in India is quite low, as income is not spread equally there are millions in India who are earning more today than they ever have before.

With a rising income, people are able to buy products that are not considered a necessity for survival. The large number of people in villages who could not afford an automobile are now in a position to buy one. They can buy cosmetics and other small luxuries routinely. Due to these factors some of the emerging sectors in India include automobile manufacturing, telecom, entertainment, fast moving consumer goods, retail and the alike.