What are the emerging themes in the book?

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Put quite simply, the major themes of this book are parenting (especially in regards to maternal influence) and, to a lesser extent, violence (both at school and at home).

Let us talk a bit about the lesser theme first: violence at school and at home. In reality, this theme comprises the meat of the story. Why is this? Because Kevin, Eva’s son, has grown and gone on a shooting spree at his school, killing many people. There is a large span of events leading up to this, though. Kevin is verbally violent with his parents and other children on the block, sabotaging bikes and infecting computers with viruses. Even worse, Kevin injures his sister for life (causing her to lose an eye) due to a dangerous chemical. More than once, Kevin is found with a “kill-list” of people he hates. Unfortunately, Kevin is skilled in archery and eventually shoots all of the people on his list with a crossbow. There is no doubt, then, that violence is absolutely a theme here.

In reality, though, the book...

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