The Alchemist Questions and Answers
by Ben Jonson

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What is the Emerald Tablet?

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John Henry of the University of Edingburgh explains the Emerald Tablet this way:

"The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, one of the most important alchemical texts. It should be noted that there is no obvious talk here of how to perform alchemical manipulations; we do not see instructions of the kind: "take some mercury and mix it with gold", or "heat mercury and copper together in a retort for an hour, then add sulphur…". There's nothing like this and yet it was assumed that the cryptic comments in the Tablet were meant to be interpreted as alchemical instructions the trick was not just to do the experiment correctly, but to work out what the experiment actually was.

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rena1234 | Student

The Emerald Keys are cuniform tablets originating from ancient babylon and the meanings can be difficult to interpretate. They were written by Hermes or Thoth as he is also known. I was given this in deep meditation so I purchased a book on them and found that the meanings as I percieve them are written to help one to reach  within through intent and perseverence where you will eventually link up to your higher self and eventually your god self . You will become part of all that there is and enlightenment will be bestowed upon you, you will then be on a inner journey taking you to much higher planes of the cosmos. The Emerald Tablets are a form of guidance , taking you through the different energy centres (chakras) enabling your Kundalini to awaken and rise up to the top of your head, bringing your body energies into alignment. There are many books on these and I am sure that you will find your own way as I did. Good luck. Rena