What was Elijah McCoy job experience?I want to know Elijah McCoy's experience and also more about what he invented.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elijah McCoy was born in Canada on May 2, 1844.  As a young boy he liked tinkering with different types of machines and working with his hands.  When he was in his teens he finished high school and went to Scotland to go to college because he couldn’t go to college in the US because of the status of the black man.   In Scotland he earned his degree in engineering but when he returned to America he could not get an engineering job because he was black.  McCoy eventually ended up working as a as a fireman on the Michigan Central Railroad.  His main job was to shovel coal into the furnace to keep the steam up so the engine could pull the train.  Because the trains of that time had so many moving parts, someone had to physically oil all the wheels and joints.  McCoy invented an engine with a part that automatically oiled the parts.  He is said to have more invention patents than any other African-Americans.  McCoy also invented steam and air brakes for trains as well as a new type of tire for automobiles.  Another invention credited to McCoy is the folding ironing board and a machine that automatically watered the grass.