What are the elements of Romantic art, such as line, colors, space, form, and texture, found in the painting The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Mallord William Turner?

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Identifying Romantic art is a bit tricky since, unlike other movements such as Impressionism, Neoclassical, or Expressionism, Romanticism does not have its own unique style. Instead, since Romanticism has to do with individualism and the expression of deep, intense feelings, characteristics in Romantic art will differ per Romantic artist in order to capture that artist's own uniqueness. However, there are a few elements Romantic works of art have in common, such as subject matter, line, color, and texture.

Romanticism emerged as a rebellion against Enlightenment ideals. The Enlightenment emphasized logical and scientific thought. Romanticism, seeing society as having been corrupted by Enlightenment ideals, placed more value on nature as the one thing that has not yet been corrupted. Hence, one thing Romantic art works share in common is that the subject matters are primarily nature and landscapes . Joseph Mallord William...

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