What are the elements of a rite of passage?

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The elements of a 'rite of passage' can vary in their extremes from one culture to another - and some of them can be very scary indeed!

In general terms, a 'rite of passage' is some sort of ceremonial marking of a human's passing from one important stage of life to another. A common example would be the passage from boyhood into manhood. Following some sort of ritual, the person has a new, higher status and is usually given more respect and sometimes responsibility.

This rite can vary according to the society a person lives in. In some tribes there may be initiation ceremonies or even tests or dares to prove bravery. Some involve withstanding pain, hunting or maybe just a long period of isolation from the tribe.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, Baptism, Marriage,Confirmation and First Holy Communion would be examples from various cultures of marking new beginnings and transitions.

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