What are the elements of literature as related to Romeo and Juliet?

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Literature is written to produce an emotional response and a combination of elements work in concert to produce that effect. At their best, writers develop engaging plots that hold our interest while creating suspense, develop memorable, compelling characters that we care about, and use language and setting to create a mood. All works of literature also have a theme or point, even if that theme is pointlessness.

Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet uses the well-worn plot of star-crossed lovers and infuses it with life. Both Romeo and Juliet are young and attractive, on fire, and use rich language to describe their feelings. They click instantly and want to be together forever. We care about these two and the dilemma that their families are locked in: a feud that means the two can't think about being openly together. This conflict catches our interest: how will the two lovers resolve it? The opposites that are juxtaposed are almost unfathomable: how can so much love and hate coexist side by...

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