What elements of the gothic and the romantic are evident in "Wuthering Heights"?

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In addition to the elements already mentioned, there are other elements of the Gothic and Dark Romanticism in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights:

  • Bleak, foreboding environments

In the opening chapter, the narrator describes Heathcliff's house, Wuthering Heights, explaining that the adjective wuthering describes "the atmospheric tumult" of its physical location, for there are high winds and stormy weather. Also, over the doorway of the house Lockwood notices a "grotesque carving."

--The desolate and wild moors are set against the drama of the families. When Heathcliff imprisons Nelly and Cathy at Wuthering Heights in Chapter 28, he goes to Gimmerton and creates the rumor that the two women "sunk in the Blackhorse marsh" and that he rescued them.

--When Mr. Lockwood arrives...

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