What elements of a gothic horror can be seen in Frankenstein? Provide examples of each element.Thank You

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is considered a gothic romance.  Some of the elements of the gothic genre are as follows:

  • Highlights ominous or isolated locales (Being on an Ice berg in the middle of the ocean)
  • Implied danger  (the creature is following Frankenstein and threatening his and his family's safety)
  • Isolated and vulnerable characters (Justice, William, Henry... are all characters who are vulnerable to the creature's wrath)
  • Horrific distress or menace (the creature warns Frankenstein that unless he creates a female for him, that he will be with him on his wedding night)
  • Mysterious deaths or disappearances (the deaths of Justine, William, Henry, Elizabeth)
  • Supernatural manifestations (the creation of a being made from dead body parts)
  • Atmosphere of terror and suspense (never knowing what the creature will do next)

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