What are the elements of career management ?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are many different elements to the idea of career management.  Most of them revolve around specific individual reflection and identification of what one wants over a short and long term period of time.  One of the most specific elements of career management is identification and development of goals and objectives.  What is it exactly that one wants out of their career?  Involved in this is a distillation of the strategy one maps out to achieve this and the means one embraces to facilitate this.  All the while, a critical element of career management is an ongoing review of what is happening in this process to ensure that what is being done is in line with the original goals and objectives.  If this is not converging, the question might become if these goals and objectives need refining?  The short term elements of career planning are a bit more rigid because of their temporal nature, while the longer term effects of career planning are more fluid and subject to alteration as ongoing analysis and assessment can prompt change.  I think that in these elements the foundations of career management can be found.

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