william1941 | Student

An element with reference to the use of the word in Chemistry is a substance that has only one type of atom and cannot be split further into smaller stable components.

An element has atoms which consist of electrons, protons and neutrons. Different elements are distinguished by the number of protons they have in their nucleus. This is also called the atomic number. Right now 118 different types of elements are known. 82 of these are found in nature and the others have been created during radioactive reactions. Atoms of different elements are the basic blocks of chemistry with atoms combining with each other to form molecules.

Terry | Student

An element is a substance made of only 1 atom and cannot be broken down.

kquinn14 | Student

Elements are the basic building blocks for all matter. Each element has one type of atom, with the same number of protons. There are 118 differernt elements.

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