What is the element of pathos expressed in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles?      

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When Oedipus finally learns the truth about his parentage, he discovers that his mother and wife, Jocasta, understood the truth even before he did, and she has hanged herself. He pulls the pins from her robes and uses them to blind himself literally, as he has been so figuratively blind to the truth. He feels that sight can bring him "no [more] delight" and so he wishes to be rid of this sense. He cries,

Ah me! ah woe is me!
Ah whither am I borne!
How like a ghost forlorn
My voice flits from me on the air!
On, on the demon goads. The end, ah where?

He is, of course, horrified to learn the truth of his birth, including the perversity of the actions he has taken since, and he wonders why on earth he was ever born if...

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