What is the Einsteinian revolution and what societal factors influenced the development of the Einsteinian revolution?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Einsteinian revolution is a social rethinking of the relationship between perception and reality. It began with Einstein's discovery the space and time were interconnected and that one's position in space affects the passing of time. People who are near a large mass experience time more slowly than those who are very far aware from a large mass. This revelation suggests that one's own position influences particular aspects of reality. The emergence of quantum theory has accelerated the Einsteinian revolution. According to quantum theory, human observation changes reality itself. Some scientists believe that science now contains a mystical or spiritual component. For some, the dichotomy between science and religion is not as strong as it has been in decades past. This bridging of science and religion has also advanced the Einsteinian revolution.