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What are the eight cranial bones and where are they located?

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The skull consists of cranial and facial bones. There are eight cranial bones:

1) frontal bone

The frontal bone is located in the forehead region. It is one of eight bones that form the cranium.

2) occipital bone

The occipital bone is located at the back of the skull and forms the base of the cranium. It is trapezoidal and curved in shape.

3) parietal bone (there are two of these)

One parietal bone is located on each side of the skull behind the frontal bone. The parietal bones basically form the roof and sides of the cranium.

4) temporal bone (there are two of these)

This bone is joined to the parietal bone on each side of the skull; it forms part of the base and sides of the cranium.

5) ethmoid bone

This bone is located in front of the sphenoid bone, at the top of the nose and in between the eye sockets. It consists of two masses linked by cribriform plates. The ethmoid bone also makes up portions of the nasal cavity walls, eye sockets, and cranial floor. 

6) sphenoid bone

This bone helps to form the base of the cranium, sides of the skull, plus the sides and floors of the eye sockets. It consists of a middle section (which is the body of the bone), pterygoid processes, and wing-like sections that extend to each side of the skull. Each wing-like section on each side of the skull consists of two greater wings and two lesser wings. The sphenoid bone looks bat or butterfly-shaped.

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