What effects will the globalization of business have on a company's culture?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most immediate impacts that a globalized perspective would have on a culture of a company is the broadening of thought in terms of cultural horizons.  There is a paradigm shift involved in globalization.  Companies no longer view geographic boundaries as insurmountable.  This results in a widening of thought in terms of how business is conducted as well as where a company's endeavors can go.  A company culture is transformed through globalization in how it sees the world and its place within it.  In some respects, a company's culture can be changed by globalization because it compels the company to think beyond itself and its current capacity.  This might result in the company needing to invest time and training in doing business overseas, or seeking to broaden employee understanding of other parts of the world.  An effect this has on a company is for it to be more sensitive to cultural differences and more attune to what lies outside of a particular company's geographic constraint.  Learning new languages could be another part of this effect on company culture.  The embrace of the paradigm shift that accomanies globalization is where I believe that some of the greatest impact is felt in a company's culture.