Effects Of War

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The effects of war are devastating and cut across all spheres of life be it social, economic or environmental. Whereas the most apparent effects include the destruction of environment, loss of property and displacement of people, there are numerous other effects that war has on the lives of people. The loss of human life is among the worst impacts of war. During wars, a high number of casualties from both the military and civilian population are recorded. Survivors of war suffer physical and psychological effects which could be long lasting in nature. Both civilians and belligerents may suffer physical incapacitation as a result of war. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common psychological conditions diagnosed amongst post-war victims. Other mental health conditions include depression, insomnia and anxiety disorders. During wars, as a result of the economic decline, people suffer from poverty and malnutrition contributing to intense human suffering.

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The effects of war are no way better in affecting human life. There are numerous effects including loss of happiness, of your loved ones, of shelter, psychological imbalance, anxiety, fear, inflation and economic recession which influence people's lives very badly. People become nostalgic as they long for the pre-war ethos where things were far more better. Many people face problems regarding legitimacy of their identity and of the things which had been in their possession previously. Faith in religion and God become questionable as a result of chaos. To sum up, it is stated that the wars affect the peoples' lives in terms of human depression and economic recession as whole.