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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many effects of terrorism. One effect is to cause fear in a group of people. Terrorists hope that their actions will frighten people. They hope this fear will lead the people to pressure their government to make changes in government policies and actions that will be favorable to the terrorists.

Terrorism also disrupts our daily routines. Flying has become more complicated with the screening and the searching of passengers and of suitcases. Entrance into some public buildings now requires people to go through metal detectors. When people go to sporting events, they must remove their keys and phones and go through metal detectors before entering the arena or stadium.

The government has spent much money trying to fight terrorism. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost huge sums of money. The hiring of security personnel is also expensive. Developing new technologies and weapons to combat terrorism is also very costly.

Many people have died because of acts of terrorism or while fighting against terrorists. Those killed in terrorist attacks include many innocent civilians who have no connection to or relation to the terrorists. Many soldiers have been killed fighting the terrorists also.

Terrorism impacts us in many ways.