What are the effects of pollution on fishing industry?Please be specific and answer as soon as possible, thanks!

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Exactly what you would expect, detrimental.  When pollution is allowed to flow unchecked, it winds up first in our fresh water supply, our streams and rivers, ultimately winding up in the worlds oceans.  This pollution has a harmful effect on the fish in both fresh water and salt water.  First of all, it can cause oxygen depletion.  Fish have to have oxygen just like we do, if  you cut off their supply of oxygen, they die.  Then there is the release of heavy metal pollutants to be concerned with, specifically mercury.  Mercury accumulates in the soft tissues of fish, and when they are consumed, the person who eats them absorbs the mercury into his or her system.  Surface runoff contains levels of DDT, which has been polluting the worlds water supply for years.  Plastic debris winds up in some of the underwater vortexes, covering areas as large as the state of Texas.  All these sources of pollution have the potential to kill fish, cutting off a major food source for the human population.

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what about the fishing industry not the plastic just the fishing industry by the boats from the pollution..?