What are the effects of lack of enzymes in the body?

I need at least three of them.

Expert Answers

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Enzymes are substances that are effective at catalyzing reactions within the body.  If there were no enzymes present in the body, this would not take place.  Catalysts are substances that either increase or decrease the rate of a chemical reaction without being a part of the reaction themselves.  Digestion is one thing that would be affected if there were no enzymes in the body.  It would take much longer to digest and absorb the glucose from eaten food in the absence of enzymes.  Another thing enzymes do is work with myosin in skeltal muscles to help facilitate muscle contraction.  Your muscles, the ones that help you get around, would not operate nearly as well, without the incorporation of enzymes.  Thirdly, enzymes assist with product movement on the cellular level, getting things where they have to go in the cell by using the cytoskeleton.  Enzymes play a vital role in the day-to-day maintenance of the body.

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