What were the effects of the Dust Bowl?

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The Dust Bowl had a dramatic effect on agriculture in the United States. The event was an ecological disaster caused by generations of misuse of the land. A sustained drought ruined farmland across four states as heavy winds picked up the topsoil and carried it for miles in dust clouds. A mass exodus to the west occurred as farms became worthless. Over sixty percent of the population of the effected area moved from the region. This had its own set of problems as states to the west were not prepared for the influx of new migrants.

Despite the loss of farms and the crippling impact that it had on the economy, the Dust Bowl did mark a positive change in American history. This was the desire of the federal government to manage farmland and prevent future ecological disaster by subsidizing farmers. This meant that farmers would receive government money to not plow over essential grasslands. Farmers also received bonuses for responsible use of the land. The federal government also purchased land to set aside as protected land to prevent future soil problems.

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