What effects does severe burns have on body fluid and electrolytes balance?

william1941 | Student

When a person has major burns, there is a resultant damage to the intravascular volume and it is decreased in both the damaged tissue as well as surrounding areas. This is caused due to increased permeability, changes in interstitial osmotic pressure in burn tissue and cellular edema. This leads to an imbalance of all the necessary minerals in the body and can prove lethal if not treated appropriately.

A decrease in sodium level or hyponatraema , decrease in potassium or hypokalaemia, imbalance of magnesium or hypomagnesaemia, decrease in calcium ions or hypocalcaemia and altered phosphate ion levels or Hypophosphataemia can cause heart failure, seizures, muscle spasms, renal and metabolic failure, damage to the bones, and many other problems associated with a lack of proper ion balance in the body.

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