What effects did the Seminole Wars have on the residents of Miami?

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Second Seminole War (which lasted from 1835 until 1842) had a significant impact on Miami and the Miami area.  William S. Harney was a U.S. Army major who led his troops on many raids in the area that is now the City of Miami.  At the time, the area was mostly populated by Native Floridians and U.S. Army soldiers.  Fort Dallas, which is located in what is now downtown Miami, was the temporary home of many of the soldiers.  There was also a small population of settlers.

Buildings and structures were damaged and destroyed during the course of the war.  One of those structures was the Cape Florida Lighthouse (located on an island close to Miami), which was attacked by the Seminoles as part of the Second Seminole War.  They burned it, which caused damage but did not destroy the lighthouse.  Other structures were abandoned.  Richard Fitzpatrick was an early settler who established a plantation in Miami.  During the Second Seminole War, he abandoned his plantation and left the area.

By the end of the war, many settlers had left.  Almost all the Seminoles who lived in the area were killed or fled.