What effects did migration to the Sunbelt have on American life?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The growth of the Sunbelt affected American life in several ways. One impact was in politics. As more and more people moved to the South and to the West, these regions had their representation increase in the House of Representatives. This gave the people in the South and in the West a greater voice in Congress.

Another change that occurred was the growth of the conservative movement. As more people moved to the Sunbelt, they saw the opportunity for plenty of economic growth. These people wanted to have fewer government rules and regulations, which is something supported by people in the conservative movement. Unlike people in the Northeast, where unemployment was higher and people wanted help from the government, the people in the South and in the West saw events very differently and didn’t want to be held back by too much government involvement in the economy. They built new, more efficient factories that allowed them to compete with industries in other countries.

A third change that occurred was that the Sunbelt tended to have fewer unions. The Northeast had many big industries that were unionized. The new industries in the Sunbelt were often oil-based industries that weren’t unionized. There were also plenty of workers available, which weakened the power of unions.

The growth of the Sunbelt impacted our country in several ways.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Migration to the Sunbelt had a number of effects.  Among the more important ones are:

  • Decrease in unionization.  The Sunbelt was and is an area where unions are much weaker than in the old industrial areas.  As people and jobs moved to the Sunbelt, unions grew weaker.
  • Increase in conservatism.  The Sunbelt is a more conservative area of the country.  As more people moved there, conservatism became stronger.
  • Reduction in the uniqueness of the South.  As more people moved to the Sunbelt, the unique culture of the South came to be diluted.  The South gradually became more like the North.