What effects did the environment have on homo sapiens genetics?

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The largest effect the environment played on the development Homo Sapiens is the enlargement of the cranial compartment.  It is believed the enlargement of the cranial capacity gave this species an increased intellectual capacity.  Homo Sapiens became more of a thinking animal, capable of producing and communicating with its own primeval language.  This organism also became skilled in the art of making and using tools, such as stone axes and flint knives.  Social skills increased, making Homo Sapiens more of a family oriented creature, less likely to be found in a single, solitary social setting.  So the environment was likely conducive to foster the natural selection of organisms with progressively larger cranial sanctums, which transferred to the acquisition of higher-order thinking skills.  The manipulation of these skills fostered the evolutionary process that made Homo Sapiens the thinking animal he/she is today.