What are the effects of concussions on NFL players?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the science is not completely definitive at this point, there is mounting evidence that concussions, and even lesser injuries to the brains of players in the National Football League (NFL) can lead to very serious physical, mental, and emotional problems.  There have been several high-profile cases in recent years in which former players have committed suicide and autopsies have revealed brain problems that might have been caused by concussions and which might have helped bring about the suicides.

On one level, the impact of concussions and other head trauma is physical.  Some ex-players experience such things as frequent and intense headaches.  These can be so intense as to be debilitating.  On another level, the problems are mental.  Some ex-players have experienced memory loss on a serious scale.  They can often suffer from losses in cognitive function.  These men essentially have symptoms of dementia years before they should be likely to exhibit such symptoms were it not for the brain traumas they suffered.  Finally, the problems can be emotional.  There are links between cumulative traumas to the brain and depression.  This link may help to explain why some players have committed suicide in recent years.

Thus, concussions and lesser injuries to the brain may be impairing the physical, mental, and emotional health of former NFL players. 

thewanderlust878 | Student

A concussion is a very serious head injury that results from some form of head trauma. Football and hockey are two of the most common sports associated with concussions, simply because of the physical actions involved in both sports. 

There are many different effects of a concussion, and none of them are good. Depending on how bad the concussion is, problems can range from headaches for a period of time to even death. The players can develop mental problems that affect them for the rest of their lives, including things such as memory loss. Concussions are a very serious thing, even if it doesn't seem like it on the surface, because it can damage a vital organ permanently- your brain. 

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