What are the effects of all the conflicts in A Streetcar Named Desire?

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There are multiple internal and external conflicts within "A Streetcar Named Desire".   For purpose of ease, I will go through the characters and the conflicts that they face.

Blanche DuBois: Blanche faces one main internal conflict and many external conflicts.  Blanche's main internal conflict is her lack of youth.  She constantly struggles with the fact that she is no longer a young woman.  She feels as though she is at the end of her attraction to others. Another internal conflict which Blanche faces is the loss of her true love. The recurring thoughts of his death torment her. Eventually, Blanche loses the battle with her sanity and is committed to a mental asylum.

As for the external conflicts, Blanche faces many. 1) Blanche cannot forgive Stella for leaving Belle Reve. 2) Blanche is forced to face Stanley given the loss of Belle Reve. 3) Stanley rapes Blanche. 4) Blanche cannot be happy in the home of her sister given...

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