Cracking India Questions and Answers
by Bapsi Sidhwa

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What is the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the narrative point of view in the novel Cracking India?

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The novel is narrated by Lenny, an eight-year-old Parsee girl experiencing the partition of India following World War II and its independence. The title stems from the "cracking", or breaking up of India into different countries and areas of control. As a Parsee she is neither Muslim nor Hindu and this gives her the unique ability to analyze the many sides of the partition as it happens around her. She loses family, friends and her innocence during the story. The effectiveness of the narration by Lenny is wonderfully on point. It challenges the reader to recall their own childhood and compare the Lenny's insights to their own.

The largest drawback to Lenny as the narrator is her age, but it is ironically the biggest...

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