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Research refers to any work or study which involves data collection, analysis, and presentation of results of such studies relating to a specific issue or matter under study. Research is done in on any topic from any subject such as science,economics, history, literature and management.

A research is conducted to generate some understanding about the topic of study. An effective research is one that achieves this objective effectively. We can develop different guidelines for effective research in different subject area. However the following guidelines will be applicable to all types of research.

  • Data is accurate
  • Data is verifiable by others
  • Other researchers can find leads for undertaking additional research in related area.
  • The research methods as well as the results and conclusions are presented clearly.
epollock | Student


There are 8 steps for effective research.

1) Select and identify your topic

This will help you narrow down your research to something that interests you, and something you will find exciting and useful to other people. After you have selected a topic, identify the keywords or terms which describe your topic. A helpful way to do this is to state your topic in the form of a question. This leads right into the next step.


2. Sate a thesis or hypothesis

Once you decide on a topic, clearly think of the central question you are looking for or the thesis that you think needs proving or disproving. This will concentrate your research into one particular aspect and help you narrow down information that can be organized into different subheadings.


3. Decide on the type of data you need and how you will collect it.

Do you need live subjects, survey questions answered, control and experimental groups, or is it a historical query?


4. Collect date using blind or double blind procedures or effective methods to ensure accuracy, viability, and truthfulness of data.


5. Analyze data using subjective or objective techniques. Ensure that your data analysis fits the kind of research question you want answered.


6. Interpret the data results effectively. Does the data answer the central question that you are looking for?


7. Evaluate your findings and decide on what conclusions can be drawn form it.


8) Present your research in a clear and understandable format using any number of approved methods such as APA, MLA, etc., and ensure that you follow all procedures from citations to a Works Cited Page.

I hope your research is successful