What effect will shooting the elephant have on Orwell's public reputation as well as the effect it will have on his image of himself?

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Orwell is generally considered as an author of anti-colonialism.he was such an unlucky brittish,who hated the colonial effect on east countries.bt he was posted as a police man to burma and was badly hated by the burmees.he was against the hollowness of the imperialism,which was stuck upon these countries.he thought himself as a fool representator of the brittish tyrant ruling system.inside his mind,he was with the poor,tortured people.bt,to mentain his brittish heroic/alrounder attitude,he had to pretend like a general brittish man,who seemed manly towards the burmees.regarding this,when the time came to kill a giant animal,because of its temporary madness,'must',orwell became critical,about the killing of the elephant.he went through a very difficult phrase of mind,and thought about the futility of colonialism.bt at the climax,he had to kill the animal,as it was the public opinion.although he was against of killing the elephant,he had to surrender against the burmees people,and the brittish ruling system became hollow near the lower class,sub-standerded people.he had nothing to do ,and to keep his own nation's head up lifted,he had to act like a worthwhile brittish police.this tells us,how a life of a brittish man,in east countries,becomes suffocated and gradually he looses his own identity & becomes just like a puppet,moving by the instructions of its owner,i.e.England...