what is the effect of waste disposal on human health?

orchid101 | Student
The solid waste includes glass containers as bottles, crockeries, plastic containers, polythene and other packing materials that are used and then thrown away as garbage. These pile up at public places and cause obstruction in daily life. The wastes from building material (during construction and demolition), sludge, dead animal skeletons, heaps of crop residues also contribute to solid waste. Various kinds of wastes has adverse effects on aquatic life. These are (1) early hatching of fish eggs, (2) failure of trout eggs to hatch, (3) failure of salmon to spawn, (4) increase in BOD, (5) Changes in macrophytes and (6) migration of some aquatic forms. Contaminated Soil can herm plants through their roots. Through improper waste management mercury enters water. Mercury was responsible for the minamata epidemic that caused several deaths. Lead pollution causes damage to liver and kidney, reduction in haemoglobin formation and mental retardation.

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