In Frankenstein, what is the effect of Victor's return to the present?this is from the book frankenstein by mary shelley

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Walton hopes that he can convince Victor to return to the real world, give up his hunt for the monster, and try to enjoy living again. Unfortunately, Victor is unable to live for anything but revenge. He has not learned any lesson from his terrible ordeal. When Walton's men want to break through the ice and return home, Victor encourages Walton to complete his journey,even though it might mean the death of every man on the ship. Walton, learning from Victor's experience, decides to return home. Victor tries to leave the ship so he can continue the hunt for the monster. However, Victor is too weak and finally succumbs to death. Walton, then meets the monster, but decides not to follow him and to continue to return home. He has learned from Victor how harmful being obsessed with science and exploration can be.

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