What effect were the veil and Mr. Hooper said to have had on the corpse at the funeral?

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Reverend Hooper's disturbing black veil is described as an "appropriate emblem" for the funeral that he attends in the afternoon. The somber atmosphere surrounding the black veil corresponds to the melancholy mood of the young maiden's funeral. When Reverend Hooper bends down toward the young maiden's corpse, the narrator writes that his veil hung at an angle, where the deceased maiden would have been able to see his face if she were alive. Suddenly, Mr. Hooper seems aware of this possibility and quickly grabs his veil to cover his face. A superstitious old woman mentions that she witnessed the maiden's corpse shudder for an instant when Mr. Hooper's facial features were accidentally exposed. Reverend Hooper then proceeds to give a moving, passionate prayer at the end of the funeral. After the funeral, several of the community members comment on their suspicions that the minister and the young maiden's spirit seemed to be walking hand-in-hand, which suggests that they had been lovers while she was alive.

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When Mr. Hooper arrives at the funeral, for once, the veil was "an appropriate emblem."  The veil itself and Mr. Hooper's presence seem to match the solemn and somber mood of the funeral, and his mournful aspect enriches the sadness of an already sad occasion: the death of a young maiden.

Then, he bends over the coffin to offer one last farewell to his young parishioner, and "the veil hung straight down from his forehead, so that, if her eyelids had not been closed forever, the dead maiden might have seen his face."  He snatched the veil back so quickly that it caught the attention of the mourners.

One old woman who was particularly superstitious reported that just at the moment when the dead girl would have been able to see Mr. Hooper's face behind his veil, "the corpse had slightly shuddered, rustling the shroud and muslin cap, though the countenance retained the composure of death."  She believes that she saw the corpse tremble a bit even though the young girl's face never changed. 

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