Our Town Questions and Answers
by Thornton Wilder

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What is the importance of the information provided by Professor Willard in Our Town by Thornton Wilder? How does the audience react to this information? Professor Willard describes Grover's Corners scientifically: Emily and George are of "brachycephalic" stock; the New Hampshire countryside rests upon "a shelf of Devonian basalt."

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The Stage Manager in Our Town by Thornton Wilder provides background information for the town. All towns across the United States have geographic differences, diversity in cultures, immigrants from around the world—the Stage Manager at every opportunity points out the similarities between Grover’s Corners and all of the other little towns in and around the United States in  1901.

This kind of theater was experimental.  It was unique in American Drama.  It was praised and awarded for its daring.  No other play had tried to encompass all of these interesting and fun elements before.  No scenery, no properties, pantomiming in regular life, a Stage Manager in front of the curtain—this was untried territory.  It was so thrilling and so moving to see the progression through life of these two wonderful young people without the need for all the properties, just two human beings falling in love.

What was the purpose of Professor Willard and his mini-lecture? 

One of the ways that...

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