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What effect do you think the Industrial Revolution had on the quality of life of those most affected by it?

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The Industrial Revolution had a tremendous impact on the labor force. When the Industrial Revolution began, most people who worked in manufacturing were negatively impacted by it. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, many people were working in small, worker-friendly environments. The business owners and the workers knew each other and their families very well. The workers were treated well by the business owners. This changed with the start of the Industrial Revolution.

When the Industrial Revolution began, people went to work in factories since expensive machines were being used to manufacture products. There were hundreds of people working in these factories. The owners and workers had little to no contact with each other. Working conditions were poor, and the pay was very low. They also worked very long hours. There was very little regard for those who worked in the factories. Supervisors were more concerned with production than they were with the overall well-being of the workers. As a result, workers were negatively impacted when the Industrial Revolution began.

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