What is the effect of having a mannequin with you as you train for CPR?How is having a mannequin more helpful than watching a video on CPR?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the practical aspect is vitally important in CPR Training.  It's not akin to watching a food preparation video, where mistakes could be remedied "next time out."  Rather, in CPR training, time is essential.  It is vitally important to "get it right" in terms of technique and approach.  The mannequin is important in this in that individuals can apply the ideas of how to render CPR in an exact manner.  The more times one practices with the mannequin, the greater the chance that when placed in that specific situation, one is not overcome with the magnitude of the moment.  I think that in solely studying the video, there is a certain "newness" that is evident in situations where the mannequin has not been used.  The placement of mouth for breath, the hands for compressions, as well assessing the situation from the outset are elements that can be practiced in a more "real" sense with the mannequin.  In being able to match up what is happening in the video or with pictures along with an actual mannequin to practically demonstrate, there is a greater effectiveness in instruction.

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