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In Pride and Prejudice, how has the proposal of Mr. Collins impacted Elizabeth?

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I have edited this question to refer to one proposal as you are only allowed to ask ONE question according to enotes regulations. I will focus therefore on the proposal of Mr. Collins, analysing it and also its impact on Elizabeth.

The proposal of Mr. Collins to Elizabeth comes in Chapter 19 of the novel and is a typical example of his stupidity and lack of imagination. He explains it is his religious duty as a vicar to marry and above all that Lady Catherine de Burgh has recommended that he do so. A marriage to Elizabeth would help heal the breach between their families and also provide for Elizabeth's mother and sisters in the event of her father's death. Generously (note the irony here) he is willing to ignore Elizabeth's lack of money that she can bring to a marriage. Despite Elizabeth's refusals, Mr. Collins insists on believing that this is an example of her modesty or flirtatiousness, in keeping with the behaviour of "elegant females".

Humour abounds in this proposal. The speech of Mr....

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