What effect on the Dominion of New England did the Glorious Revolution have?

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The above answer is correct in that the Glorious Revolution did end the Dominion of New England, but incorrect in stating that it led to significant reduction of royal control over the colonies. Quite the opposite was true.

James II had created the Dominion to govern all colonies north of New Jersey. It was ended with the Glorious Revolution because Sir Edmond Andros had abused his authority with abandon. Andros was arrested when word of the Revolution reached Massachusetts, and the colony reverted to its former government, as did other colonies which had been under the Dominion.

Rather than loosen royal control, however, it intensified. The Navigation Act of 1696 required the colonists to enforce all the Navigation Acts and also provided for the issuance of Writs of Assistance to search unspecified properties for violation of the Acts. The Act further provided that all cases of violation of the Navigation Acts would be tried in Courts of Admiralty rather than the Colonial courts, where acquittal was all but guaranteed. Also in 1696, King William created the Lords of Plantations and Trade which investigated violations of the Navigation Acts and implemented methods to prevent manufacturing in the colonies which would conflict with British manufacturing interests.

So the safest answer is the end of the Dominion ended some of the abuses of Sir Edmund Andros; but the colonies only substituted one difficult governmental system for another.


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Glorious Revolution caused the end of the Dominion of New England.

The Dominion was created in 1686 as a way to increase the power of the Crown.  It was meant to make the administration of the Navigation Acts more efficient.  This was unwelcome to the colonies because it meant more restrictions on their ability to trade as they wished.

When the Glorious Revolution happened, the power of the Crown was reduced in England.  The colonists took this opportunity to overthrow Edmund Andros and the Dominion.  This led eventually to a significant reduction of royal control of the colonies.